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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

1 Year Later

“Anyone not willing to accept the results of an election is a danger to democracy.” - Not-Prez Hillary Clinton (October 2016)

"The best thing about having the GOP in the majority isn’t that they get anything done, but that they prevent the Democrats from getting anything done." - Burt Prelutsky

In case anyone has forgotten why she is 'Nacho President.'

For those who have forgotten what Trump was sent to D.C. to do
(Hint:  It wasn't to play nice and suck up to the establishment - including with Republicans)

And last, for those who think they'd rather have the Dems, there's always 2018...

...Or even better, there's always 2020.

"The first nine months of Trump's first year showed a president often murcurial, widely disliked, and occasionally reckless, but also improving on the job, surrounded by excellent appointees, and about the only force that consistently and without apology fought the insidious dismantling of the American project...For now, there is no one else in the opposition standing in the way of radical progressivism." - Victor Davis Hanson


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