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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving - What I'm Most Thankful For This Year

All the way into 3/4th of the year I was certain the thing I'd be 'Most Thankful For This Year' would be HILLARY CLINTON NOT BEING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES...And then I got a call around 7 PM on September 21st.

Those with good memories should note, in 2016 I was 'Most Thankful For My Brother-in-Law's Car' - which probably saved our lives; or at the very least allowed us to carry on with our lives as we had prior to our accident...That event was on September 21, 2016.

Incredibly, this year, September 21, 2017, around 7 PM, I got a call from my youngest daughter that she'd been in a car accident...The car was totaled - she was not.

Even more incredibly, the next week, September 28, 2017, around 5 PM, I got another call that my oldest daughter was the main attraction in a four car accident...The car was totaled - she was not.

I say it all that time:  'The four of us have been so blessed and lucky' (me, my wife and children), and in this span of seven days it was proven again.  It sucks that we lost two cars, but we are more than thankful that those two cars did their job - taking the beating and protecting my wife's and my most precious gifts:  Our Daughters.

I detest Hillary Clinton and all of her Liberal pals, but I would have lived to fight another day had she become POTUS and the Democrats taken over control of Congress...I am not so sure I could say the same had anything truly terrible happened to my kids.

For that reason, on this Thanksgiving holiday I am most thankful for the continues luck of my family - specifically for the fact my daughters are okay after what could have been a horrific seven days in September.

Here's hoping next year I can be thankful for something not involving cars.
On a different note:  Please keep our service men and women in mind...Especially those celebrating the holidays away from their loved ones.



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