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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

U.S. Air Force's 67th Birthday

Written by: Lawrence R. Benson (Office of the Air Force Historian) - Original, and only known link, is dead.

Golden Legacy, Boundless Future

On September 18 the United States Air Force (USAF) celebrates its birthday. One-half century earlier, the National Security Act of 1947 created the USAF as a separate armed service. Appropriately enough, President Harry Truman had signed the legislation for this while aboard his "Sacred Cow," the C-54 presidential aircraft that served as the "Air Force One" of its day.

From the Signal Corps to the Air Corps

The official lineage of today’s USAF began four decades earlier. On August 1, 1907, the U.S. Army Signal Corps formed an Aeronautical Division. This action came only 3 ½ years after the Wright Brothers flew the world’s first powered airplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. At first, however, the Aeronautical Division was mainly interested in balloons and dirigibles instead of heavier-than-air flying machines. The Army had already used manned balloons for aerial observation during the Civil War and Spanish American War in the 19th Century. The Aeronautical Division accepted delivery of its first airplane from the Wright Brothers in 1909. Under the leadership of brave pioneers such as Capt. Benjamin D. Foulois, a small band of early Army airmen experimented with various aircraft and formed an operational unit, the 1st Aero Squadron, in December 1913.

On July 18, 1914, as a result of congressional legislation, the Army established the Aviation Section of the Signal Corps to improve its fledgling flying capabilities. Just a few weeks later, Europe plunged into the massive military struggle that became known as World War I. The Central Powers (primarily Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire) fought the Allied Powers (led by Britain, France, Italy, and Russia). By April 1917, when the United States entered the war on the side of the Allied Powers, each of the major combatants had developed aircraft industries far superior to that in the United States.

Despite optimistic plans and ample funding, the United States proved unable to catch up to the European nations in aviation technology. Responding to criticism of the American aircraft effort, President Woodrow Wilson created the Army Air Service and placed it directly under the War Department on May 24, 1918. By the time of the armistice in November 1918, the Air Service had grown to more than 19,000 officers and 178,000 enlisted men, while American industry had turned out 11,754 aircraft (mostly trainers like the JN-4 Jenny). The Air Service soon lost most of these people and planes in a rapid demobilization right after the war.

Although failing to deploy competitive combat aircraft, the United States had sent many fine airmen to Europe. Flying mostly French-built planes, they distinguished themselves both in allied units and as part of the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) led by Gen. John J. Pershing. By the time Germany surrendered, Brig Gen Billy Mitchell had honed many of the AEF’s aero squadrons and groups into a formidable striking force. While the outcome of the Great War was decided primarily by horrible attrition on the ground and a strangling maritime blockade of Germany, air power had shown its potential for autonomous offensive operations as well as providing valuable support to surface forces. The United Kingdom had recognized the importance of air power by creating the Royal Air Force, independent of the British Army and Royal Navy, in April 1918.

Notwithstanding a bitter struggle by visionaries such as Billy Mitchell, the United States did not follow the British lead and create a separate air force. The Army Reorganization Act of 1920 made the Air Service a combatant arm of the Army, and the Air Corps Act of 1926 changed its name to the Air Corps on July 2 of that year. On March 1, 1935, General Headquarters Air Force (GHQ AF) assumed command of US-based Air Corps tactical units, which previously had been parceled out to regional Army corps commands. Yet even after Germany, Japan, and Italy began to build up their armed forces, the Air Corps (as well as the rest of the Army) remained a small, peacetime establishment with only limited funds for growth or modernization.

Air Power Comes of Age in World War II

After September 1939, when Adolf Hitler launched World War II by invading Poland, the Air Corps began a steady growth from 26,000 personnel and fewer than 2,000 planes. On June 20, 1941, the Department of War created the Army Air Forces (AAF) as its aviation element and shortly thereafter made it co-equal to the Army Ground Forces. The Air Corps remained as one of the Army’s combat arms, like the Infantry.

Expansion of the AAF accelerated after the surprise Japanese attack on Hawaii in December 1941 propelled the United States into the war. Under the leadership of Gen Henry H. ("Hap") Arnold, the Army Air Forces oversaw mobilization of the nation’s aviation industry and deployment of the largest air armada of all time. The AAF’s inventory encompassed a wide range of training, transport, pursuit, attack, reconnaissance, and bomber aircraft. These included the ubiquitous C-47 Skytrain, the splendid P-51 Mustang, the rugged B-17 Flying Fortress, and the awesome B-29 Superfortress. Drawing upon American industrial prowess and human resources, the AAF reached a peak strength of 80,000 aircraft and 2.4 million personnel organized into major commands, numbered air forces, air divisions, groups, and squadrons. AAF units conducted a wide range of air operations over every theater of battle—from the jungle-clad islands of the Southwest Pacific to the sun-baked deserts of North Africa, from the icy waters of the North Atlantic to the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas.

By the last year of the war, the quantity and quality of AAF aircraft and airmen dominated the skies over both Germany and Japan, all but paralyzing their war economies. Air power did not win the war by itself but did make possible the Allies’ total victory over the Axis powers--punctuated in August 1945 when two B-29s dropped atomic bombs on Japan.

Much as it did a quarter century before, the United States immediately demobilized its armed forces after World War II. Based on the AAF’s wartime achievements and future potential, however, the United States Air Force won its independence as a full partner with the Army and the Navy on September 18, 1947. Stuart Symington became the first Secretary of the Air Force, and Gen Carl A. Spaatz its first Chief of Staff. Within a month—on October 14, 1947—test pilot Chuck Yeager flew the Bell XS-1 past the speed of sound, launching the new USAF into the supersonic era.

Countering the Communist Threat during the Cold War

The threat posed by the Soviet Union and communism soon convinced American leaders to strengthen US military forces—especially air power. The role of the new USAF in breaking the Soviet blockade of Berlin in 1948 demonstrated the value of air capabilities in this new "Cold War." The USSR’s detonation of an atomic bomb in 1949 accentuated the importance of long range bombers, such as the Air Force’s giant B-36 Peacemaker, and modern air defenses. The Air Force expanded its efforts to foster science and technology with an ambitious Research and Development (R&D) program.

The Soviet-backed invasion of South Korea by communist North Korea in June 1950 drew the USAF into a brutal 3-year conflict. The Air Force soon used new jet fighters, such as the deadly F-86 Sabre, to establish air superiority over the Korean peninsula. In concert with Navy and Marine aviation, the USAF helped protect United Nations ground forces with close air support and the interdiction of enemy reinforcements and supplies. The war ended in 1953 after an armistice with China and North Korea, but the Air Force kept a large number of units stationed in the Pacific to help contain communism. It also began a massive buildup of the forward-based United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE), from England to Turkey. USAF units provided the cornerstone of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) capabilities against the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact for the next four decades.

Invention of the powerful hydrogen bomb and the promise of long range rockets accelerated the arms race between the superpowers in the 1950s. Under the bold leadership of Gen Curtis LeMay, the Air Force’s Strategic Air Command (SAC) became the preeminent instrument of American defense strategy. Standing continuous alert for the rest of the Cold War, SAC’s arsenal of bombers, such as the long-range B-52 Stratofortress, was joined in the 1960s by intercontinental ballistic missiles, such as the Titan and Minuteman. Together with the Navy’s missile-launching submarines, these powerful weapons comprised America’s nuclear deterrent "triad." With the development of launch vehicles and orbital satellites, the Air Force mission also expanded into space.

Possession of strong strategic forces helped the United States prevail in crises provoked by Soviet probes in Berlin and Cuba during the early 1960s. Communist expansion in Southeast Asia posed new and difficult challenges. In 1964 the United States began full-scale military operations on the side of South Vietnam and, in 1965, launched Operation Rolling Thunder against targets in North Vietnam. With the use of air power constrained for political reasons, both Air Force and naval aviation had to support a protracted and unpopular counter-insurgency effort against a determined and elusive foe. Tactical aircraft, such as the versatile F-4 Phantom II, performed in a wide variety of roles from aerial combat to close air support. The F-105 Thunderchief specialized in bombing raids against North Vietnam, while SAC B-52s "carpet bombed" remote jungle strongholds. All were enhanced by "force multipliers" such as aerial refueling by KC-135 Stratotankers. Not until the Linebacker Operations of 1972, however, was air power brought fully to bear against North Vietnamese forces and facilities. Although this compelled the enemy to sign a peace treaty in January 1973, US forces were no longer available in 1975 when North Vietnam launched a successful invasion of the South.

In the 1970s the USAF invested as much of its reduced budgets as possible in modernizing its aircraft and missiles while continuing to expand its role in space. The Air Force developed new weapon systems, for example, the A-10 Thunderbolt II, F-15 Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcon, E-3 Sentry, and M-X Peacekeeper. It also made great progress on satellite-based communications, reconnaissance, warning, weather, and navigation systems. With its large fleet of aerial refueling tankers and long range transports, the Air Force also expanded its world wide airlift capabilities, as demonstrated during the Arab-Israeli War of October 1973 when C-141 Starlifters and giant C-5 Galaxies formed an airborne bridge to Israel (Operation Nickel Grass). But the Air Force did not receive adequate resources to maintain full readiness of its existing conventional forces. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union continued to develop and produce new and improved weapons at an even faster pace while building up its combat forces in Europe and the Far East to alarming levels.

The military balance began to shift back in America’s favor after 1979. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the humiliation of the American hostages in Iran confirmed the need to improve US military capabilities. The ensuing American defense buildup of the 1980s allowed the Air Force to expand its force structure, enhance its training and readiness, and deploy a wide range of advanced new weapons and other systems. These included the revolutionary F-117A stealth fighter. Air Force units engaged in several contingency operations, including the seizure of Grenada in 1983 (Urgent Fury), the raid on Libya in 1986 (El Dorado Canyon), and the invasion of Panama in 1989 (Just Cause). These operations demonstrated steadily improving capabilities of the Air Force and its sister services to conduct joint operations.

At the time, the progress the United States was making in new technologies--such as "stealthy" airframes, sophisticated information networks, and space-based systems--helped convince a more flexible Soviet leadership that their inefficient economy could no longer afford to compete in the Cold War. The tearing down of the Berlin Wall in 1989 marked the final days of the Warsaw Pact and presaged the breakup of the USSR itself a few years later.

Global Reach, Global Power, and Global Engagement

Ending of the Cold War did not mean completion of the USAF’s mission. Even though no longer having to keep nuclear forces on constant alert against a Soviet first strike or to base large forces overseas ready to fight World War III, the USAF’s inherent speed, range, precision, lethality, and flexibility gave America what Secretary of the Air Force Donald B. Rice called "global reach, global power."

The Air Force’s well-trained personnel and sophisticated weapons lived up to this vision during Operation Desert Storm in early 1991. Deploying half-way around the world in Operation Desert Shield after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in August 1990, they helped win one of the most lop-sided battlefield victories in military history. Advanced aircraft, such as the unstoppable F-117 Nighthawk, delivered an arsenal of precision-guided munitions with the help of sophisticated information and navigation systems, including those on space satellites. Under the control of Lt Gen Charles A. Horner, the intensive 6-week air campaign neutralized Iraq’s air defenses, decapitated Iraq’s command structure, and demoralized its once feared army. Air power allowed coalition ground forces to liberate Kuwait and quickly drive into Iraq--with fewer casualties than those suffered by the United States in a typical week of the Vietnam War.

Without the Soviet threat, the United States no longer needed the large force structure that stood guard during the Cold War. Recognizing the need for streamlining, the Air Force in the early 1990s underwent the most complete reorganization since its establishment. The USAF consolidated from 13 to 8 major commands (for example, replacing the Strategic Air, Tactical Air, and Military Airlift Commands with Air Combat and Air Mobility Commands) and did away with various lower echelon headquarters. The Air Force also inactivated many proud wings and squadrons, closed once valuable bases, and downsized from more than 600,000 military personnel in the late 1980s to under 388,000 in 1996.

Although smaller in size, the post-Cold War Air Force has been called upon for increased participation in contingency operations. In addition to maintaining units in the Persian Gulf area (Southern Watch) and Turkey (Provide Comfort) to deter Saddam Hussein from threatening his neighbors, the Air Force has supported humanitarian and peacekeeping operations in places like Somalia (Restore Hope), Rwanda (Support Hope), Haiti (Uphold Democracy), and the Balkans (Provide Promise and Deny Flight). To help stop a barbaric civil war in Bosnia, USAF aircraft made precision strikes against Serb targets in Operation Deliberate Force during late 1995. After this first air campaign ever conducted by NATO, the USAF then supported implementation of the Dayton Peace Accords through Operations Decisive and Joint Endeavor. On the volatile Korean Peninsula, the Air Force continued to keep units combat ready for action at any time.

Today the pace of technological change moves ever faster, while America’s role in protecting against aggression and fostering world democracy is more complex. In recognition of anticipated challenges the Air Force will face in the 21st Century, Secretary of the Air Force Sheila Widnall and Chief of Staff Gen Ronald Fogleman inaugurated the year of the Air Force’s 50th anniversary with a long range planning effort reminiscent of Toward New Horizons, the compendium of scientific forecasts instigated by Hap Arnold at the end of World War II. Under the umbrella concept of Global Engagement, today’s Air Force has set forth a vision of how its people, technology, and infrastructure must adapt to assure the USAF will become more effective and influential than ever.

With these challenges in mind, the Air Force looks eagerly to the future while remembering the lessons and achievements of the past as well as honoring the memory, sacrifices, and contributions of those who succeeded—often in the face of skepticism—in building what is now the world’s only truly global Air and Space Force.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

U.S. Constitution's Birthday

Some would rather watch a video than read; if this is you follow this link
A Young Person's Guide to the U.S. Constitution

On September 17, 1787, the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention held their final meeting. Only one item of business occupied the agenda that day, to sign the Constitution of the United States of America.

The U.S. Constitution
Preamble ["We the people...."]
Article I [The Legislative Branch]
Article II [The Presidency]
Article III [The Judiciary]
Article IV [The States]
Article V [The Amendment Process]
Article VI [Legal Status of the Constitution]
Article VII [Ratification]

Signers of the Constitution (with links to their short biography)
New Hampshire:
 John LangdonNicholas Gilman
Massachusetts: Rufus KingNathaniel Gorham
Connecticut: Roger ShermanWilliam Samuel Johnson
New York: Alexander Hamilton
New Jersey: William LivingstonDavid BrearleyWilliam PatersonJonathan Dayton
Pennsylvania: Benjamin FranklinThomas MifflinRobert MorrisGeorge ClymerThomas FitzSimonsJared Ingersoll,Gouverneur MorrisJames Wilson
Delaware: George ReadGunning Bedford, Jr.John DickinsonRichard BassettJacob Broom
Maryland: James McHenry, Daniel Carroll, Dan of St. Thomas Jenifer
Virginia: John Blair, James Madison, Jr.
North Carolina: William BlountRichard Dobbs SpaightHugh Williamson
South Carolina: John RutledgeCharles Cotesworth PinckneyCharles PinckneyPierce Butler
Georgia: William FewAbraham Baldwin


Monday, September 15, 2014

Liberal Jackass Quote

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Scare Monger)

"Civilization as we know it today would be in jeopardy if the Republicans win the Senate."

"Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!  Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" - Wizard of Oz scaredy cats

It's pathetic how Democrats do everything they can to whip up the fears of the Useful Idiots...One day it's race, next it's the 1%, then it's anti-war propaganda, or 'the seas are rising due to Global Warming (or cooling, or whatever), followed by 'they want to push granny off the cliff,' etc.

Now it's the end of "civilization as we know it"...A win by the Republicans in the Senate would bring on a new Dark Ages!  It would be like the fall of Rome - with Republicans playing the role of the Goths and Huns."...oh my!"

The sad part is much of the American electorate believes such foolishness.  The same fools who put the Triumvirate From Hell in power in 2008 - Obama, Pelosi & Reid.

That said, I'm betting "civilization" goes on just fine if the Republicans take the Senate.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pero's State of the Union

There's only a month-and-a-half until the Mid-Term Elections, so now is a good time to review how things are going under our current government...A government dominated by President Obama.

1.  Our economy tanked in 2007-08, and we haven't recovered.  The bleeding may have been halted, but no one can reasonably say the economy has recovered - let alone claim it has taken off as usually happens after recessions.

2.  President Obama was supposed to be a transcending leader when it came to race relations, but he has only made matters worse...And I'm not just talking about 'black & white' problems.  Just wait until Obama shows his preference for Hispanics over blacks.

3.  Speaking of Hispanics, it's almost beyond belief that Obama is going to grant amnesty to who-knows-how-many illegals though Executive Order.  He can complain all he wants about Republicans in the House not passing a bill to grant amnesty, but in our system laws are supposed to come from the rough and tumble process of going through Congress and being signed by the President...Obama doesn't know how to make deals and thinks he's 'The Man' so he doesn't have to deal with Republicans.  The result will be terrible for our economy, social services, health and education systems, and the battle between Hispanics and blacks for primary minority status will be brutal going forward.  Here's betting blacks fall even further, because Hispanics will be the new preferred minority - they will be a much larger Democrat voting block than blacks.

4.  Our National Debt was around $5 trillion in 2000 - Today it is over $17.7 trillion...Obviously this is an unsustainable level of increase.  Especially since it is over 100% of our yearly GDP.

5.  Obamacare is proving to be a complete mess.  Many more Americans have been hurt by the changes than have been helped, and most of the coming pain has been held back because Obama hasn't allowed the law to be fully put in to place...At some point it will be, and many millions of Americans will be crushed by the new costs of their plans.  Millions more will either lose their job, or won't be able to find a job, because employers can't afford to hire them due to the cost of Obamacare.

6.  146 million Americans have jobs (Full or Part time) - there are 318 million people in the U.S.  In 2000 153 million Americans had jobs - there were around 281 million people in the U.S...So, 7 million LESS Americas have jobs now, even though there are 37 million more people.  Forget 'official' Unemployment Rates, these numbers are awful.  And they most likely prove the 'official' numbers are a propaganda ploy to keep the people from rushing the streets with pitchforks.

7.  Global Warming hasn't occurred since 1998, yet the Left continues to insist on forcing 'Green' junk and regulations down our throat.  Obama and the Democrats love these 'Greenies' because they throw around massive amounts of 'green' ($$$$) to those who support their insanity...As a result the American economy suffers - their actual goal in the first place.

8-11.  Arab Spring = Jihadi Nightmare

8.  "I am very optimistic about - about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration." - V.P. Joe Biden (2010)  Maybe not, Joe...Iraq is as big a mess as it's ever been.  We can debate about why it is so (blame Bush for taking out Hussein or blame Obama for leaving Iraq dry of U.S. troops - or be honest and accept these people are just maniacs), but we can't debate it is on fire, and gets more combustible by the day.

9.  Syria has been a hell hole for awhile, but things really fell apart when Obama made gestures of helping the supposed 'good Jihadis' and then decided not to.  Not only did he make it impossible for them to overthrow Assad, but he encouraged them to either give up and go home or to join more radical groups - such as the Islamic State goons...As a result we have the creation of a Jihadi lunatic asylum claiming to be the new Caliphate - and the least of our problems is them beheading our reporters.  They will continue to grow because they are proving to be the 'Strong Horse' in Mesopotamia and the Levant, which make them very attractive to the millions of Jihadis looking for a home.

10.  Like the Middle East, North Africa is on fire.  The overthrow of the 'bad dictators' in Egypt and Libya has led to even worse problems, and the entire region is bleeding.  Just wait until the Jihadis take their fun south, and start rampaging through the Sahel.  Talk about a blood bath...Not that most Americans have any idea what the Sahel is, or care what happens in Africa (north or south) - they will in due time.

11.  South Asia is at a tipping point.  Pakistan is a constant wild card, barely avoiding becoming a failed state (with nukes and pretty good missiles).  India has a new leader who hasn't put up with Muslim BS in the past.  Afghanistan will likely become Asia's version of Iraq, Syria, Libya and Somalia if Obama follows through on his promise of abandoning the region at the end of 2014.

12.  Obama may have had a good one-liner about Romney living in the 80's, but Russia is proving to be exactly the geopolitical threat Mitt said it would be...Personally, I'd let Putin have the Ukrainian basket case in exchange for some help against the Jihadi's but that's me.  Oh, and the leaves are turning colors, which means it's about to get pretty cold.  The Euros have allowed themselves to be tied to Russian gas, and will not be allowed to forget it if they push Vlad too hard.

13.  China is China.  They don't just own a bunch of our debt and have a massive production base challenging our economic domination, they are also spoilers.  They let the world catch fire and stay ablaze (Jihadis, Ruskies, etc.), and don't do much to hinder or help these problems - as long as the problems stay out of China...China is amoral, and takes care of China; damn the rest of of the world...Oh, and they play the long game, watching the U.S. and Europe decay from within and out.

14.  Iran is still spinning towards nukes.  But they are our ally against the Islamic State - yet still our enemy against Assad in Syria?  What kind of nut case in the Obama Administration decided to make the 'Enemy of our Enemy our Frenemy?'...There is no way this can end up well.  Not that Iran is the only one we can't trust against IS.

15.  #'s 8-14 are related to countries which challenge America, yet we have decided we are going to draw down our troop levels and military strength.  Obama has also decided we don't need as many nukes as we have...Speaking of Obama; he ordered the killing of Bin Laden but otherwise is proving to be the worst Commander-in-Chief since - ANYONE!  He is worse than Jimmy Carter, an impossibility in the eyes of many, but a bar he's managed to jump.  "We don't have a strategy yet." - Obama (regarding IS).  He lies about everything else, yet he had to tell this truth to the world.  It's bad enough HE had no strategy, but saying it is incredible.  Even worse, I'm certain the Pentagon does have a legitimate strategy - but he has no interest in their plans.

16.  Our allies are SHOCKED at our ineptitude.  Europe is quaking at the thought of having to rearm to defend themselves.  Japan seems more than willing to rearm to defend themselves - another can of worms.  Israel knows it is alone.  The Philippines, Vietnam, and anyone else in China's path are freaking out.  The Saudis and Jordanians are looking for a new protector - Russia or China...The result of all this distrust will be a massive arming of the countries who doubt American leadership - arming which will possibly lead some to get nukes themselves (Saudi and Japan, in particular)

Year after year, the President gives a State of the Union Address, and year after year he says our 'Union is strong.'

Everyone knows he's lying, and the U.S. continues to be in a downward spiral...It's not all Obama's fault, but he surely isn't making matters better - he's making them worse.

I realize Obama is the 'smartest' and 'greatest' leader we've ever had, but most of America knows he's not up to the challenge of leading our country out of its current mess - domestically or in foreign policy (even those who fawned over and voted for him).

So the question becomes, do we have a leader in the future who can pull America out of it's current situation?  Hillary?  Hahahaha!  Anyone on the Republican side?  I'm not so sure.

Time will tell...I just hope it happens in my lifetime.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

This (Past Couple) Week(s) in Pictures

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Barack Obama (Proxy Adventure Commander-in-Chief)

"ISIL is not Islamic."

I knew I could count on the Prez to load me up with a quote on my return...And boy is it a doozy!

ISIL = Islamic State of Iraq in the Levant.

That's what Obama calls them.  They call themselves the Islamic State.

Call me crazy, but if they call themselves Islamic they are Islamic...Call me crazy again, but if Obama references them as ISIL he is by definition calling them Islamic.

But on the night he went to the American people outlining his plan to eliminate ISIL (sort of) and asking for their support, he decided to say "ISIL is not Islamic."

He went to the American people and opened his speech with a bald-faced lie.  I don't understand why he feels the need to do this (constantly), but he seems almost incapable of telling the truth.  Especially when it comes to radical Islam.

He should have called them SIL.

That said, I fully support killing all of the ISLAMIC maniacs who want to do harm to Americans - anywhere in the world, but I'm terrified at the prospects of our C-in-C running this adventure (he refuses to call it a war).  Something just doesn't sit right with trusting the 'good Muslims' to do the dirty work on the ground rooting out ISIL...Especially after we arm them to the teeth with our weapons and tactics.

Ah, don't be a pessimist Pero.  How can you not trust the various Arab, Persian, Kurd, Turk, Shiite, Sunni, etc., hordes to fight Obama's proxy war against ISIL?

That's exactly my concern!

*FYI:  From here out, I will not be using ISIL or ISIS to identify the Islamic State...I will use the name they have chosen:  Islamic State or IS.

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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Changes Are Coming!

As you may have noticed, this site is under construction...It is consolidating all of my blogs into one - something I should have done years ago :)

It will be up and running 100% on September 11th...I hope you will return at that time.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pero is Going on the 'Disabled List'

I hate to admit it, but a bout of tendonitis is getting the best of me - and the most painful thing I do is type and use a damn mouse.

So, I'm taking a break until September.

I'll hope you'll return at that time.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wade Luneburg (Union Turd)

"We believe the industry is overreacting...Putting (minimum wage) fees on tickets and passing the cost on to customers directly is strange at best, and creates an 'us against them' mentality while ordering dinner."

- Commenting about Minnesota restaurants adding a 'Minimum Wage Fee' to its charges.

I love Liberals.  Either they truly believe money grows on trees - or rainbows, fairy dust, Obama farts, etc. - or they are completely ignorant about business.


This is how businesses exist.  It's the only way they can remain profitable; which is the reason they are around at all…And it makes perfectly good sense to make sure customers know it is the government who is at fault for the cost increase.

The only thing that is "strange at best" is anyone who doesn't get this truth.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014


"We reviewed your report to Death to zionist baby killer israeli jews.  Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards.  Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment.  We reviewed the Page you reported for containing hate speech or symbols and found it doesn't violate our Community Standards."

Hahaha!  I love it when Liberals show their true colors...Facebook has no problem with a page calling for "Death to zionist baby killer israeli jews."  Because it "doesn't violate our Community Standards."

So much for "making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment."

Like I said, I love it when Liberals show their true colors.

And no, I'm not Jewish.

Speaking of Jews.  For the life of me I'll never understand why they continue to reflexively vote for Liberals...Talk about useful idiots.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Nancy Pelosi (Queen of the Triumvirate From Hell)

"Well, first of all, we need you to be messengers about what is actually going on here."

- Answer at a press briefing to part of a question that went as such:  "Why, for every political analysis that we see, including top people in your party, don't (you) believe that the Democrats have a message that can get the House of Representatives back?"

Check out Nancy, in all of her truthful insanity, telling the press they need to do more to help the Democrat Party - by being its Propaganda Wing.

What's hard to believe is she doesn't think they do enough of this 24/7/365!

An unknown commenter on a blog who goes by 'Rational Thought' put it about as well as anyone I've seen:  "Well, to be fair, it wasn't so much a 'press briefing' as it was a bunch of democrat cultists standing around asking their batshit crazy leader what they should do to help her." - R.T.

A perfect reply.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hillary Clinton (Clueless Liar)

"What I think I demonstrated in the book, is that the reset worked."

- Talking about her new book 'Hard Choices,' and the 'Russian Reset.'

A lot of Americans are hopeful that Hillary will be a presidential candidate in the mold of her husband and most recent boss (Obama)...Unfortunately, I'm afraid the American people are correct in this assessment:  Hillary is as clueless as Obama is, and just as big a liar as Bill.

Either that, or she actually believes our relationship with Russia is progressing in a positive way...Which would make her just plain ol nuts.

Sadly, I'm betting she's a nutty, clueless, liar.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Moochelle Obama (Hypocritus Extraordiarius)

"So, yeah, there's too much money in politics.  There's special interests that have too much influence.  But they had all that money and all that influence back in 2008 and 2012 and we still won those elections."

- Statement at a recent Democrat fundraiser.

No one in the history of American politics has had more campaign money than Barack Obama.  He had a much bigger war chest than Mitt Romney, and a much, much greater one than John McCain...Which is pretty normal for elections, where Democrats generally have more to spend than Republicans - thanks to unions, super rich Lefties and foreigners.

But we are all used to rich Liberals and Democrats pretending to be the party of the poor, while claiming Conservatives and Republicans are all a bunch of fat cats...Here's the beauty of her comment - a portion in the same speech.

"There's something you can do right now today to make a difference, and that is to write a big, fat check.  I kid you not...I'm going to be honest with you.  That's what we need you to do right now.  We need you to write the biggest, fattest check that you can possibly write."

"Big fat" is right!  In fact the Obamas are the "biggest, fattest" ever - HYPOCRITES!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Barack 'The King Maker' Obama

"I think Joe would be a superb president."

- "Joe" is Joey 'Bags' Biden.


"...Joe would be a superb president."


"...Joe would be a superb president."


It gets funnier (and sadder) every time I read it.

I can't believe anyone would think Joe Biden would be "superb" at anything.  Well, anything other than being King of the Asshat Clan.

That said, Joey couldn't be a much worse president than his current boss...Nor could he be much worse than Hillary Clinton would be.

While we're talking about the 2016 Presidential Election I want you to keep a bumper sticker idea in mind:  P.P. 4 Prez in 2k16!

Or something like that :)


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Derek Chollet (U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense)

"Whereas we do not consider Russia an adversary, I think it's safe to assume many in Russia, including perhaps even the leader of Russia, consider NATO as an adversary."

OMG!  Of course Russia considers us "an adversary"...So does China, and so do the Islamists - even the 'good ones.'

We are the only fools who can't identify who our adversaries are.  I take that back.  Our Liberal leaders can't identify them...Mitt Romney had no problem identifying Russia as an adversary.

Hahaha!  Remember how funny it was when 'out of touch' ol' Mitt said that?

Hahaha is right.  As in we are a big joke for being so ignorant to elect such an ignoramus as Barack Obama - TWICE!

"It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle" - Sun Tzu (6th Century B.C.)

Team Obama might want to spend more time reading Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz, and less time reading Karl Marx and Pablo Neruda...Nah!  They are meeting their goals perfectly in knocking the U.S. down a few notches.
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