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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - Grand Champion

I'm sure some are wondering how Barack Obama didn't make the "2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year" list.  It's because the Prez is in a league of his own:  "Barack Obama Jackass Quotes of the Year"
Rep. Nancy Pelosi  (FORMER Speaker of the House)

In the past five years no one has worked harder to earn the title of "Liberal Jackass Quote of the Year" than Nancy Pelosi.  In 2006 she was #8, 2008 #3, and in 2009 #2 (I can't believe she didn't make the 2007 list)...Finally, in 2010 she is a very deserving recipient of the top spot.  Nancy truly is the '2010 Queen of the Jackasses.'

Not only has Pelosi earned this spot for the quality of her 'jackassery', but also because she's the most prolific of her peers (excluding Obama), and I had to fight every instinct I have not to quote her on a weekly basis...For these reasons, I'm assuming the new House Minority Leader will be a heavy favorite to go back-to-back in 2011.
"Some things we can do on the side which may not fit into a bigger plan. That doesn't mean that is a substitute for doing comprehensive [health care reform]. It means we will move on many fronts, any front we can...We will go through the gate. If the gate is closed, we will go over the fence. If the fence is too high, we will vault in. If that doesn't work, we will parachute in. But we are going to get health care reform passed."

I have to admit, I admire Nancy's determination. She generally says what she means, and means what she says...That said, WHAT A SCARY BITCH!

She's all but saying the Democrats are going to jam their il-Liberal health care scheme down our throats no matter what the American people want, or don't want...And if the American people continue to put up barriers she'll find a way to jump over them, and if she can't jump over them she'll crush them with the power of government.

Machine guns, flame throwers, RPG's, etc. Everything is fair game when it comes to the Liberals passing their government run/mandated health plan...And if you don't like it, be prepared to be squashed in their path.
"We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy."

Check out Fancy Nancy trying to out-Harry Reid, Harry Reid.

Hey Nancy, you might have found it easier to "pass the bill" if you would have let us know ahead of time "what is in it"...Then again, maybe not.

Maybe the reason she didn't want us to find out exactly "what is in it" until it was passed is because there is so much in it the American people find repugnant.
"My biggest fight has been between those who wanted to do something incremental and those who wanted to do something comprehensive [with health care 'reform']...We won that fight, and once we kick through this door, there'll be more legislation to follow."

The 2000 pages in the Senate bill, along with who knows what they threw in the reconciliation package, weren't enough for Queen Nancy? No, no, no. She needs more; much, much, more...More as in SINGLE PAYER, GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED HEALTH CARE!
"I never stop whipping. There's no beginning, there's no middle, and there's no end. My life is a constant whip operation."

Maybe she's talking about "whipping" up votes, and maybe she's not. Maybe she's a freaky-deak like her San Fran Sicko constituents...And maybe she's simply talking about the whipping she's given the American people in general.
"We see it as an entrepreneurial bill...a bill that says to someone, if you want to be creative and be a musician or whatever, you can leave your work, focus on your talent, your skill, your passion, your aspirations because you will have health care."

Americans should be proud of the FORMER Speaker of the House: There aren't many people on Earth who could make such an ignorant statement with a straight face...Calling the health care bill a 'jobs bill' while at the same time trumpeting the beauty of people not having to work because of the same bill is something very few would try, let alone think they could effectively pull off.

'Feel free to tool around with your little hobbies and let everyone else pay for your fun'...What a genius idea.

Sadly, almost 10% of Americans are out of work (officially, that is - the real unemployment/underemployment rate is around 18%). Thankfully about 50% of these people desperately want to work because of their personal makeup. Pathetically about 50% of the unemployed would love nothing more than never working and will take full advantage of Pelosi's idea...And health care is just one of the many freebies they'll leech off of their neighbors who not only want to work but also pay for dirt-bags not wanting to work.
'With the early returns and the overwhelming number of Democrats who are coming out, we're on pace to maintain the majority in the House of Representatives."

- Election day comment.Oh Nancy, you ignoramus.

I desperately wanted to see Harry Reid and/or Barbara Boxer get defeated, but I knew it was a long shot...Seeing Pelosi lose her gavel makes up for it all, however.

Best part is, along with Obama, Pelosi is one of the main reasons why the Democrats were smoked in the 2010 election.

Hey Nancy, a word of advice:  RETIRE!  It's going to be awfully hard on your psyche to watch Speaker Boehner sit in your old seat...It would be much easier to go back to San Fran Freak-o and hang out with the your degenerate constituents.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #2

Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West  (Geography Major)

"If this was Texas, which is a state that is directly on the border with Mexico, and they were calling for a measure like this saying that they had a major issue with undocumented people flooding the borders, I would have to look twice at this. But this is a state that is a ways removed from the border."

- The state in question is Arizona...The "measure" in question is the new Arizona immigration law.

"You will be interested to learn Arizona does indeed share a border with Mexico. I have enclosed a map for your convenience. I hope you will take the time to read the Arizona law before formulating an opinion about it and become familiar with our country's geography and the challenges that our border state faces." - Sen. Jon Kyl (letter sent to Peggy)

That about says it all...Here's a better quote, however: "It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt." - Mark Twain

All doubt has been removed, indeed.

When County Supervisor West let loose with this pearl of wisdom, in June, I was sure she would be claiming the crown for '2010 Liberal Jackass Quote of the Year'...But no.  There is an even more deserving jackass, and Peggy has to settle for the '#2' that she is.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #3

Bill Maher  (Typical Angry Liberal)

"I thought when we elected a black president, we were going to get a black president. You know, this [BP oil spill] is where I want a real black president. I want him in a meeting with the BP CEOs, you know, where he lifts up his shirt so you can see the gun in his pants. That's - (in black man voice) 'we've got a mother fucking problem here?' Shoot somebody in the foot."

In many years this would have been more than enough to give Maher the #1 Liberal Jackass Quote of the year, but Bill has to settle for moving up three spots from #6 in 2009...I'm certain he'll do his best to continue moving up in future years.

What I want to know is how does this clown continue to get media play, and how does he keep his T.V. show?

Maher likes to think he's an intellectual...He's not, he's just an angry moron.
Maher likes to think he's a 'Progressive' guru...He's not, he's just an angry moron.
Maher likes to think he's funny...He's not, he's just an angry moron.

In other words, Bill Maher's just a typical angry Liberal...A stereotyping, racist one at that.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #4

Charles Bolden (NASA Chief)

"When I became the NASA administrator - or before I became the NASA administrator - he (Obama) charged me with three things. One was he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math, he wanted me to expand our international relationships, and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science...and math and engineering."

There was a time when the "Muslim world" was more advanced than the West, especially during the Dark Ages.  Problem is the "Muslim world" hasn't advanced much since this time; it hasn't had a Reformation and Renaissance, and is perpetually stuck in its glory days of the 8th-15th centuries...Obama and his lackeys can pat them on the back for their "historic contribution(s)", but their is nothing he can do to escape the fact these contributions are far more "historic(al)" than current.  And until the "Muslim world" decides to join the modern world there is nothing anyone can do to legitimately compare them to the West.

Not that I expect Obama to understand this "historic" and current reality.

Did I fail to mention all of this is hardly NASA's problem, and surely shouldn't be one of their priorities?


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #5

Wilder Publications

"This book is a product of its time and does not reflect the same values as it would if it were written today. Parents might wish to discuss with their children how views on race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and interpersonal relations have changed since this book was written before allowing them to read this classic work."

- Warning label put on a book put out by this publishing company...I will tell you what "classic work" the label is on in due time, but would like you to take a few guesses on your own.

The book in question is one of the most important political and social documents in the history of the world, and if anything a celebratory label should be put on it; something like: "Thanks to the genius of this document, modern-day American children live in a country which has the most humane 'views on race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and interpersonal relations.'"

So, what book is it? THE U.S. CONSTITUTION!

If Wilder Publications would pull its head out of its ass for even one minute, and deal with the truth, it would notice the genius of the Constitution is it allows for change over time. Changes such as the abolition of slavery, women's rights, minority rights, etc., etc., etc...Instead the publisher chose to be cute, and make a ridiculous politically correct statement. A statement which shows its ignorance, and should make its products un-buyable.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #6

Majority Leader Harry Reid  (Senate Triumvir)

"[Barack Obama is a] light-skinned [black man]...with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one."

- Comment Reid made about things that were in Obama's favor while running for President.

Oh Harry. You racist BAS-TARD!

I can't imagine what Democrats would be saying if a Republican made a statement like this...Oh wait, I know exactly what they'd be saying.

"I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We're proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years, either." - Trent Lott (2002 comment about Sen. Thurmond, a segregationist)

"The Republican Party itself has to drive out Trent Lott. If they have to stand for something, they have to stand up and say this is not the person we want representing our party." - Barack Obama (2002)

Obama was correct in 2002, and Lott resigned his post in the Senate Republican leadership. Any chance Obama will demand the same of Reid? Any chance Reid will step up and do the right thing on his own? HAHAHAHA! There's no way in Hell!

What I want to know is why do American blacks allow themselves to be continually used and abused by the Democrat Party, and will they ever figure it out? Even more important, what are they going to do to the Democrat Party if they figure it out?

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Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #7

Rep. Hank Johnson (D - Georgia)

"My fear is that, uh, the whole island will, uh, become so overly populated that it will tip over, and uh, and capsize."

- Questioning Admiral Robert Willard (Navy Pacific Fleet Commander), about House Armed Service Committee appropriations issues, specifically his concern about increasing troop levels on Guam.

You think I make this stuff up, don't you? There's no way a member of the U.S House of Representatives can possible believe an island can "tip over" due to being overpopulated...If you believe it is impossible for a Congressman to be so stupid, then you need to hear it for yourself:  PLEASE GO HERE TO WATCH PURE GENIUS

What's really sickening is our brilliant military officers are constantly subjected to this kind of buffoonery...Good thing we handed our health care over to such clowns.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #8

Health Care Freeloaders

"Where do we get the free ObamaCare, and how do I sign up for that?"

- Question eHealthinsurance.com has been getting from callers since ObamaCare became law.

Hahaha! Millions of Americans actually believed they'd be getting instant, free health care. Yes it's sad that we have so many ignorant citizens (That's not a personal slam on anyone, by the way. It just is what it is.), but those who paid attention to the bill's construction and signing know most of the 'benefits' don't kick in until 2014...This was part of the accounting gimmick the Democrats used to keep it under the mythical $1-trillion level. By accounting for 10-years of tax collection, but only having payouts for 6-years.

Nice little trick the Democrats played on the useful idiots who think the Democrats passed this bill for them and their immediate needs. I wonder how many of these useful idiots will die waiting for ObamaCare to include them? I also wonder if they and their loved ones will ever figure out how they were used by the Democrats to get their scheme passed?

Naaaaaaaaaah! They'll just keep begging for the next scraps the Democrats offer to throw their way.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #9

Rep. Phil Hare (Student in Professor Obama's 'Con Law' Class)

"I don't worry about the Constitution on this to be honest...I care more about the people that are dying everyday that don't have health care."

Answer to a town hall question about the constitutionality of ObamaCare.

A man in the town hall crowd mockingly put it best: "Jackpot brother."

Liberals couldn't care less about the Constitution, and will use it to forward their agenda or trample on it if it stands in their path; nothing more than a tool to be used or abused.

Lets see what other words of wisdom came out of this genius's mouth after being asked about taking an oath to uphold the Constitution: "I believe that it says that we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Hey Phil, you putz! That's from the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. "We the people..." should be able to expect our representatives to have a clue what either is actually about, but most know better than to have such high expections.

Just for fun, lets play Devil's advocate and assume it's OK to screw around with the Constitution for the sake of idiotic Liberal policies: The 'care' portion of ObamaCare doesn't go into effect until 2014... How can Democrats live with themselves under the assumption that so many people are going to continue "dying everyday" because ObamaCare leaves them out in the cold for another 3-4 years? Hmmmm?

Answer:  ObamaCare was never about 'care,' nor was it about 'people'...ObamaCare is all about massively expanding government, and the control of the people with this monstrosity.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #10

Philip R. Greaves II  (Sick SOB)

"This is my attempt to make pedophile situations safer for those juveniles that find themselves involved in them, by establishing certian (sp) rules for these adults to follow. I hope to achieve this by appealing to the better nature of pedosexuals, with hope that their doing so will result in less hatred and perhaps liter (sp) sentences should they ever be caught."

- Author of  'The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover's Code of Conduct'

Honestly, I couldn't care less what consenting adults do sexually; as long as I'm not asked to witness or condone it.  Be 'gay', be 'bi', be 'try'.  I truly don't care...This goes for Normos who bang dogs, sheep, horses and robots, as well.

Kids are off limits, though, and there is no excuse (or pathetic diagnosis) which can be made to pass it off as Normal...No "rules", no "code", no way!

Well, there should be two "rules":  1.  Quit fucking kids!  2.  If you can't quit fucking kids, kill yourself!

As far as there being "less hatred and perhaps liter sentences should they ever be caught", you have got to be kidding me.  There should be more hatred, and much more severe sentences for sickos who bang kids...Time in the pokie getting poked by other sickos is much too light, and anything less than the death penalty is a joke.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #11

Donny (The Racist Douche) Deutsch

"We're such a media, frenzy, 24/7 world, that almost anybody who's been around too long is so much 'no' attached to it that you almost need that blank piece of paper. That's the new model. Like, you know, this coconut Rubio down in Florida."

- Commenting about the popularity of politicians with little-to-no experience running for public office in the 2010 Election; particularly Marco Rubio, a Conservative American of Cuban descent.

I've been around awhile and have heard plenty of racist comments, but "coconut" is a new one to me: Coconut = "a Mexican who is brown on the outside and white in the inside" (List of Ethnic Slurs)...Sort of like when Liberal racists call black Conservatives 'Oreos' or 'uncle Toms.'

I'm sure Douche Deutsch made a smart apology, though. And then again, maybe not: "I said 'coconut' meaning simple, goofy, bananas...wasn't even aware it could be a racially charged word."

You buy that, right? He meant all kinds of fruit when he called Rubio a "coconut," and could have just as easily called him an apple, pear, blackberry, kumquat, or a lemon.

Ok, maybe he didn't make an intelligent apology. I'm sure the race-baiting Hispanic groups, like LaRaza and LULAC, went nuts, though...Hmmm? Nothing to be found on the entire Internet. I guess it's alright for Hollywood jackasses to make racist comments about Hispanics. For some reason I'm betting this wouldn't fly if it came from a Conservative, but maybe I'm wrong. NOT!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #12

National Institutes of Health Grant Abstract

"The aim of the proposed feasibility study is to evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of a post-coital male genital hygiene procedure, which participants will be asked to practice immediately post-coitus or a least 12 hours after."

I'm sure you're saying to yourself: 'What in the world is Pero getting at here? How is this a Libby Quote?'

Let me break it down for you: The statement above is part of an announcement of a study being done by a UCLA research team with $823,200 worth of 'Stimulus' money (Obama Dollars)...The study involved teaching uncircumcised African men how to wash their genitals after having sex.

At "least 12 hours after" having sex...Doh!

Now you know why it's a Libby Quote, because only a Libby would find it acceptable to spend $800,000 teaching anyone to wash their package after having sex.  And only a Libby would find it acceptable to use 'Stimulus' funds, which were supposed to 'stimulate' the U.S. economy, on anything in Africa...By default, these facts makes it a Jackass Quote.

P.S. - V.P. Joe Biden was tasked with making sure all of the Stimulus money went towards jump starting the U.S. economy. I wonder if he personally granted these Obama Dollars?...Also, I would like to know how many jobs were "saved or created" with this waste of time and taxpayer money?


Thursday, December 09, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #13

V.P. Joe 'Bags' Biden

"I don't think the [Iraq] war was worth it, in the sense that we paid a horrible price."

I'm sure Joey would have a problem with any comment I'd make on this matter, so I'm going to lead with some comments from someone he shouldn't have a problem with:

"We have no choice but to eliminate the threat [of Saddam Hussein]. This is a guy who is an extreme danger to the world...He must be dislodged from his weapons or dislodged from power." - Bags Biden 2002)

"Everyone in the world thought he [Saddam] had them [weapons of mass destruction]...The weapons inspectors said he had them. He catalogued - they catalogued them. This was not some, some Cheney, you know, pipe dream. This was, in fact, catalogued." - Bags Biden (2002)

Now I know 2002 was a long time ago, so maybe it's more fair to look at what Joey has said recently. Lets try something he said in the same week as his comment about the Iraq War not being "worth it":

"I am very optimistic about, about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration." - Bags Biden

And if Joey doesn't believe what he said (not that I'd blame him, considering he is prone to saying all kinds of stupid stuff) maybe he should check out what some of his best buddies said about the need to handle Iraq; what they said back when Bill Clinton was president: What Democrats "REALLY" Thought About Saddam's WMD

Bunch of duplicitous SOB's!

One final thing. After all the sniping about the uselessness of the war, is Bags really going to try and claim he and Obama were the reason for the successes of Iraq? Of course they are, because they are duplicitous SOB's!


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #14

Mayor DICK Daley  (ChiTown)

"If I put this up your, ha!, your butt, ha, ha! You'll find out how effective this is...If I put a round up your, ha, ha."

- Daley had a rifle in his hands and was popping off to a Chicago reporter who asked about the efficacy of the mayor's gun-grabbing policies.

Call me crazy, but I can't see ANY Republican in the entire country pulling out a rifle during a press conference...I also can't see ANY Republican in the entire country threatening to shove a rifle up anyone's rectum.

I'm sure you haven't heard about this event, though, because the Mainstream Media would never show it...Call me crazy, again, but I'm 100% certain this wouldn't be the case if a Republican had been the lunatic with the rifle in his hand threatening to shove it in someones arse. It would be round-the-clock news on every one of the Alphabet Networks, and they'd be acting like the Republican was the second coming of Attila the Hun.

Ya, I'm the crazy one.


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #15

Kelly O'Donnell (NBC Race-Baiter)

"There aren't a lot of African-American men at these events. Have you ever felt uncomfortable?"

- Question to a black man participating at a 'Tea Party.'

$^!@)_! ^%!%@(*$#)!!!!!!!!

What a %$@#&!!!!!!

In order keep a level of decorum here, I'm going to leave the rest of my reply to the man Race-Baiter O'Donnell asked the question to (the name of the man is unknown): "No. No. These are my people. Americans."

AMERICANS!! Not hyphenated-Americans, just Americans...Brilliant answer.


Sunday, December 05, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #16

Fidel Castro (Cuban Commie)

"It is really incredible that 234 years after the Declaration of Independence...the government of that country [U.S.] has approved medical attention for the majority of its citizens, something that Cuba was able to do half a century ago."

Obama should be so proud to have, what is surely, one of his heroes comment on his grand achievement.

I can't speak for the 195 years before my time, but must admit I've spent the first 39-years of my life hoping my country would evolve to a level on par with Cuba...It was embarrassing all of these years watching U.S. citizens flee in boats to seek health care in the Cuban Utopia.

Eh, uh, eh, uh, eh...Excuse me while I vomit in my mouth!


Thursday, December 02, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #17

Associated Press (Izvestia West)

"We should continue to avoid the phrase 'ground zero mosque' or 'mosque at ground zero' on all platforms.

"In short headlines, some ways to refer to the project include:
-  mosque 2 blocks from WTC site
- Muslim (or Islamic) center near WTC site
- mosque near ground zero
- mosque near WTC site

"We can refer to the project as a mosque, or as a proposed Islamic center that includes a mosque."

- Parts of an AP memo to it's reporters: 'AP Standards Center issues staff advisory on covering New York City mosque.'

I thought the media was supposed to report on the news, not make itself part of the news, create it out of whole cloth, or take sides...Actually, NO I DON'T! I've known for decades the MSM is a complete joke and a propaganda outlet for Liberalism, but many Americans haven't figured this out yet (how about you?).

"In the Truth there is no news, and in the News there is no truth." - Saying the Russian people had about 'Pravda' ("truth"): the leading newspaper in the Soviet Union, and 'Izvestia': the official propaganda organ of the Soviet government.

Sadly, all too often the same standard should be applied with the mainstream media in modern-day America...The MSM has worked very hard to earn this distrust, so don't feel bad for them.

Keep this in mind every time you watch, read or hear the news, because it's very likely what you are hearing is much less about 'news' than about Liberal 'propaganda.'


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #18

Rep. James Clyburn (D - South Carolina)

"Reelect me, keep Democrats on the field. And when we come back next year, maybe we will get to the public option."

Guess what, America?  That is a threat and a promise!

Clyburn and his Lefty pals in Congress have no intention of stopping at ObamaCare Pt. I...They will push it to Pt. II, III, IV, or whatever it takes to get to a single payer system, with the government controlling the heath care of every American man, woman and child.

And they will do whatever it takes to get there if they are allowed to keep control:  "We will go through the gate. If the gate is closed, we will go over the fence. If the fence is too high, we will pole vault in. If that doesn't work, we will parachute in." - Speaker Nancy Pelosi (House Triumvir)

The Speaker made this comment about ObamaCare Pt. I, but make no mistake her intent is to take it much further:  "I fully support the public option." - Pelosi

I take her, Clyburn, and the rest of the lunatics on the Left at their word when it comes to this matter, because it's the ultimate way for them to take control of our lives...You should believe them, as well.


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