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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Barack Obama (Chump-in-Chief)

"First time I saw 10th Mountain Division, you guys were in southern Iraq. When I went back to visit Afghanistan, you guys were the first ones there. I had the great honor of seeing some of you because a comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn't receiving it posthumously."

I can't figure Obama out.  Is he a complete numb-nut, or does he do this stuff on purpose to be cruel?

What was cruel about his comment?  Sergeant First Class Jared Monti was killed in Iraq in 2006...He received the Medal of Honor "posthumously."

I'm sure his mates in the 10th Mtn Div were perfectly aware of this fact...I'm also sure they were mortified to hear the C-in-C so ignorantly use Monti as a pawn.

Truthfully, I don't think Obama's stupid, nor do I think he's purposefully cruel when it comes to these matters.  They just aren't important to him...He's, also, generally lazy when it comes to researching the things he talks about.  If words show up on the TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States) he regurgitates them.  No thought, just words spewed out by the supposed 'greatest American orator since Lincoln.'

I'm sure you heard about this in the Mainstream Media, too...Oh, you didn't?  I'm shocked.  Heaven knows you would have if it had been 'W', or Palin, or anyone without a (D) behind their name.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prince (The Artist Formerly Known As An Artist)

"It's fun being in Islamic countries, to know there's only one religion...There's order.  You wear a burqa.  There's no choice.  People are happy with that."

- It's pretty safe to assume Princess is talking about Muslim women, because the men don't wear burqa's and their choices are nowhere near as restricted as women.

Let me guess, these "no choice", 'burqa wearing', "happy" women also love it that they can't leave the house without a male chaperon, have their husbands chosen for them by their fathers or brothers, and aren't allowed to read anything other than 'approved' books?

Oh, lets not forget the Muslim women who are 'honored' with having their vagina sewed up; and then have it ripped open by pigs who tear it as a badge of pride...Or even better, the women who are culturally shunned for committing the crime of being raped.

Such a "happy" bunch these Muslim women are.  Stuck in a throw-back culture, which has reverted back to a time closer to the 8th Century than the 21st...Sounds like a ring in Dante's Inferno to me.  I'm sure that makes me an intolerant redneck, though.

Laura Ingraham put it best when it comes to jerk-offs like his 'Purple Putsiness':  "Shut up and sing!"

And since he hasn't had a decent song in two decades maybe it's best if he only follows half of Ingraham's dictate:  "Shut up"!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D - Searchlight)

“If I had a choice, I would favor [Jon] Huntsman over [Mitt] Romney.”

Many Conservatives are concerned with the Republicans in the Presidential nomination race, and a lot of these concerns are worth worrying about.  That said, it's also hard to deny Romney's comment at the last Republican debate:  "Anyone on this stage would be a better President than Barack Obama."

Huntsman wasn't on that "stage", but he would be better than Obama, as well.  But, he wouldn't be better than Romney...Nor would he be better than the others on that "stage".

The fact that Harry Reid, one of the top Liberal pukes in Senate, likes Huntsman more than the rest says a lot...The fact that the Huntsman family has donated very nicely to Harry Reid's campaigns in the past (not Jon directly) could have a bit to do with Reid liking Huntsman, too.

Or maybe Harry feels he owes Jon Huntsman a little love because his kid (Josh Reid) was appointed to the Utah Board of Regents by then Governor Jon Huntsman...Doh!!

Like I said, the fact that Harry Reid likes Jon Huntsman says a lot...And like I also said, I'd still prefer Huntsman over Obama.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Barack Obama (Joe Not-So-Cool)

"It's not as cool to be an Obama supporter as it was in 2008."

No commentary is needed, because Obama's statement stands on its own.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jennifer Hughes (Montgomery, Maryland, Department of Permitting Services)

“It wasn’t that we were the big hand of county government trying to come down and squash anything…We were attempting to do what a government is charged with doing, which is protecting communities and protecting the safety of people.”

- Statement about the county giving a group of children a $500 fine for running a lemonade stand without a permit.

Oh my!  The horror!

And to make it even worse, the children were selling lemonade to donate money to charity...(screams of terror in the background!)

“I just think the whole thing was kind of insane that they made such a big deal about a small problem. In the first place, I don’t know how a 10-year-old could get a permit.” - Isabella (one of the dangerous kids the county was "protecting the safety of the people" against)

"Insane" is the right word.  Il-Liberal insanity at its illogical finest.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

'Dick' Gere (Hollywood Idiot)

"Overall, I think [Barack Obama has] done an extraordinary job.  I think he's going to go down probably as one of our great presidents.  He's been able to juggle - lets think of all of the problems that he's had in his presidency.  You know, natural disasters, or international issues, domestic.  He has found a way to change and flow to learn from every situation...We're coming out of this terrible economic crisis.  We're turning the corner on terrorist situations.  I think his engagement with the Chinese is starting to flower now, the strength within him is starting to emerge.  I think he's doing a terrific job."

Little Richard is such a genius when it comes to politics, economics and international affairs.  If only there were more like him...Oh wait a minute.  There are hundreds of Hollywood Idiots just like him.

They aren't alone, though.  Liberal pukes are spread out across the entire American landscape; like a bunch of weeds.

Our country is a complete mess (socially, economically, fiscally, emotionally - you name it), and Obama has only made things worse since taking office in 2008.  It's undeniable if a Republican were president at this time and did exactly the same things Barack has done, on every matter as president, Liberals would be destroying him for his incompetence...But Barack is a Democrat, and no matter what he does they only see Utopia.  In their eyes he's King Midas, cruising around in his cool way turning everything into gold.

Unfortunately for those of us who live in reality, the situation is much less than golden, and everything Obama has touched since becoming president has turned into 'gerbil' doo-doo.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Superintendent Randall Williams (Disgraceful Idiot)

"[It was] an oversight"

What was the "oversight"?  Russellville (Arkansas) Middle School's 2010-11 yearbook had a 'Top Five Worst People Ever' list, which was supposed to be 'taped over' so the students couldn't see who was on the list.  Who was on this list?  Adolph Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Charles Manson...And two others.

For the sake of legitimacy, Bin Laden and Manson have no business on this list (probably not even in the top 20); of course Hitler should be...So, who were the other two?  Joe Stalin?  Mao Zedong?  Genghis Khan?  Atilla the Hun?  Idi Amin?  Pol Pot?  Ivan the Terrible?  Vladimir Lenin?  Saddam Hussein?  Heinrich Himmler?  Caligula?  Vlad the Impaler?  Quin Shi Huang?

Nah!  These were good guys compared to the two who rounded out the top five in this yearbook's list...So, I ask again, who were the other two?  Keep the answer in mind as you send your children off to the Liberal indoctrination centers you know as your local public school:  George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

How on earth did Bush and Cheney make this list?  Even by Liberal standards that's a joke...And why did the superintendent think it was ok to tape over the list instead of insist on a reproduction of the yearbook without the list, or at least without the names of Bush and Cheney anywhere near it?

What a disgraceful "oversight", and an even more disgraceful lack of common sense by Superintendent Williams.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Rep. Alcee Hastings (Overall POS)

"[Florida] Governor Scott's new drug testing law is not only an affront to families in need and detrimental to our nation's ongoing economic recovery, it is downright unconstitutional...If Governor Scott wants to drug test recipients of TANF benefits, where does he draw the line?  Are families receiving Medicaid, state emergency relief, or educational grants and loans next?"

- TANF is the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, and the law in question requires the Florida Department of Children and Family Services to conduct drug tests on adults who apply for TANF.

How awful.  I can't believe Florida is going to require people receiving this welfare to be drug-free...That is so Draconian.  It has to be unconstitutional.

Ouch!  I almost gave myself a labial strain trying to act like a Liberal...And no, I'm not a woman.

If it was up to me, these people would have to pass much more difficult requirements than being drug-free.  I'm sure this makes me a Spartan, however.

Forget the druggies, I want to make sure you know about Rep. Hastings:  "1988, the Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives took up the case, and Hastings was impeached for bribery and perjury by a vote of 413-3. He was then convicted in 1989 by the United States Senate, becoming the sixth federal judge in the history of the United States to be removed from office by the Senate." - Wikipedia

He was such a turd he got booted out of the federal courts, but he's good enough to have a spot as a Democrat in Congress...That tells you a little bit about the values of Democrats.  And it tells you even more about the Florida district voters who put him in Congress after getting impeached and tossed on his rear.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Cornel West (Black Racist)

"I think my dear brother Barack Obama has a certain fear of free black men...It's understandable.  As a young brother who grows up in a white context, brilliant African father, he's always had to fear being a white man with black skin.  All he has known culturally is white...When he meets an independent black brother it is frightening...He has a certain rootlessness, a deracination.  It is understandable."

I'm not going to comment on how bad it would be for a white person to say any of this, because the outcome is too obvious:  If they had any role in public life, their career and good name would be destroyed.

It's perfectly acceptable for a black Liberal to make such a comment, though.  Notice I said a black Liberal, because if a black Conservative said it they'd be labeled an 'Uncle Tom', or worse.

What's amazing to me is the assumption any black person isn't 'black enough'; regardless of who they are...It has to be personally difficult for President Obama to deal with such garbage, but I can't imagine the emotional pain of 'Average Joe' blacks who have to put up with this kind of racism.  Especially when it comes from other blacks.

Even more insane is the fact this man collects a salary as a college professor, and is considered a 'black intellectual'...West isn't an outlier by any stretch at Princeton, nor many other so-called institutions-of-higher-learning, however.  He's also not a rarity among so-called 'black intellectuals', or even not-so-intellectual black Liberals.

No wonder so many American blacks are perpetually stranded in a downward spiral.


Thursday, June 02, 2011

Rep. Anthony 'The' Weiner (D - NY)

"When you're named Weiner, it kind of goes with the territory…Sometimes these things happen."

- Commenting about a crotch-shot picture miraculously sent from his Twitter account.

“Sometimes these things happen” .  Really?

How many other Weiners have taken pictures of their crotch (allegedly), then had their pictures hijacked and put on their own Twitter account?  And how many Weiners can't say with certitude” what pictures of their crotch look like?

Maybe I’m crazy and it happens to lots of Weiners, but I doubt it.  Most likely, it only happens to this particular 'wiener'.


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